Obedience Training

So you’ve finally got your pup and are in love with him! One thing you didn’t plan on, is the dog using the bathroom in the house, chewing shoes, nipping with those sharp puppy teeth, and barking. Now what?

Ruff House Dog Training has your answer with their “Well-Mannered” Obedience program. Developing a bond with your dog is one of the most important things you can do. It will ensure a lifetime of joy and happiness. Along with basic obedience commands, you will learn how to establish effective communication with your dog. You will learn how to play with your dog, stimulate them, both physically and mentally. Some of the obedience behaviors include: walking, recall (calling the dog back to you), sit (stay), down (stay), out (letting go of a toy, etc.), and place (sending the dog to a pre-determined location until released). The place command is extremely popular as it allows owners to eat, answer the door, watch television, and more, in peace. You no longer need to worry about the dog rushing to the door when the bell rings! Ruff House Dog Training can help teach you how to train your dog to stop barking, with guaranteed results. Be confident in your ability to communicate with your dog.



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